Visitors’ Guide: What to See, Eat, and Do in Kansas

weekend entertainmentIt’s always a great time for an adventure! So why not take a trip around Kansas. Kansas is a state full of great food, culture, and of course, college sports.

If you’re interested in heading down to Kansas for a week or just a weekend getaway, there are some things you need to know such as where to eat, what to see, and what to do. Let’s take a look at a few of these Kansas necessities.

Where to Eat

From Kansas City to Withata, there are so many different places you can visit in the state for a quick bite or a full sit-down dinner. If you’re in the mood for some hearty grub including burgers and fries, check out The Burger Stand. The Burger Stand offers gourmet burgers all while using local, high-quality ingredients.

If a burger isn’t really your thing, consider stopping by the 715 Restaurant. This European cafe offers it’s guests Italian inspired dishes such as anchovy aioli and chimichurri. The atmosphere is elegant, while the menu is outstanding.

What to See

After you’ve filled your belly, it’s time to check out some of the must-sees. One of the most beautiful places in all of Kansas is the Monument Rocks National Natural Landmark. This monument can reach a tall as 70 feet in some places and has it’s famous “keyhole” hole in the middle. It’s the perfect place to take pictures and watch the sunrise or the sunset.

Another must-visit is the Mushroom Rock at Mushroom State Park. Formed through uneven erosion and weathering, the rock has taken shape as to what resembles a mushroom. It’s a great place for photos and the perfect thing to add to your travel Instagram.

What to Do

If you’re not thinking ‘college football’ or ‘college town fun’ when you think of Kansas, think again. During the 2017 season, The Kansas University Jayhawks scored an average of 32.25 points per game. So, it’s clear that the state has a good team. And along with a good team comes a good team fanbase.

If you’re looking for some weekend entertainment, going to a college basketball game is the perfect option. Not only will you subject yourself to some great weekend entertainment, but you will also involve yourself in the culture that is KU sports.

Whether you’re looking for something to see, something to eat, or some excellent weekend entertainment in the form of college basketball events, Kansas is the perfect place for you to find all of that, and then some.