Planning a Wedding? Here’s What to Know About Picking a Venue

planning a weddingIf you are in the middle of planning a wedding, chances are you’re feeling excited and overwhelmed all at once. There are so many details to plan that you may not know where to start. But one thing is for sure — you can’t plan anything unless you have your wedding venue all sorted!

Once you pick a wedding venue, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing the majority of your wedding plans are all working out. So here are some things that you should keep in mind when you’re picking out the right venue for your big day.

  • Size of the dance floor
    You don’t want your guests to stay in their seats all day simply because the dance floor is too small for everyone to have a good time. Make sure that the dance floor is a good enough size to really get everyone up off their feet.
  • Shuttle service
    Most venues offer a shuttle service if the venue is far away from your accommodation. But this can sometimes be too much, so it is best to invest in a luxury hotel for everything. This means that your guests will only have to go upstairs when they are done for the night and not have to worry about a thing.
  • Hotel rooms
    It most likely is possible to block off a group of rooms for your wedding guests to book through your name when you get married. This gives them an incentive to stay where the party is, and since 60% of all hotel guests report traveling for leisure, doing so will ensure they have a relaxing stay from start to finish.
  • Wedding decor
    While it may be tempting to pick your wedding colors or themes beforehand, your venue may have some limitations and restrictions on what they can offer. So ask them about different ideas and how they can be incorporated if you have something specific in mind.

Planning a wedding will go by without a hitch once you have the perfect venue. So simply follow these tips and you’ll be set to have your perfect dream day.